Maryanne Amacher Archive-Related
2009 to Present- Maryanne Amacher Archive / Additional Tones / SUPREME CONNECTIONS
2011 – Maryanne Amacher, City-Links, Ludlow 38 Gallery NYC w/Axel Weider, Tobi Maier, and Robert The
2012 – Maryanne Amacher component of Sound Art. Sound as Medium in Art  (March – January 2013)
2012 – Maryanne Amacher component of FUTURE ARCHIVE at N.B.K Berlin w/Robert The (June)
2012 – Maryanne Amacher exhibition at Gelbe Musik w/Bill Dietz (March)
2012 – Maryanne Amacher workshop and exhibition at DAAD Galerie, Berlin w/Axel Weider, Bill Dietz, Robert The + SUPREME CONNECTIONS (July)
2012 – SUPREME CONNECTIONS installation at TATE Modern, London (August)
2012 – SUPREME CONNECTIONS installation at Sao Paulo Bienniale (September)

2014- Intelligent Life exhibition w/Axel Weider, Bill Dietz, Robert The- Bonn Kunstverein, Germany

You can read the remembrance of Maryanne I wrote here

Selected Projects from EMPAC: 2006-2012
Links take you to the EMPAC event page with further information.

Steven Connor, The Chronopher, Commissioned Essay 2009
Maryanne Amacher (unfinished), Sound Performance w/3D characters
OpenEnded Group UPENDING, Sterescopic Video Performance with new foley-like recording of Morton Feldman’s String Quartet 1 (w/FLUX Quartet) 2009
Yvon Bonenfant Beacons, Live Vocal + Video Performance 2009
Sean Griffin Cold Spring, Media Opera 2010
Francis and The Lights, The White Room, Live and telematic spectacle, October 2011
Michael J. Schumacher Room Pieces Troy, Building-wide sound installation, 2010
Francisco Lopez, Hyper-Rainforest, 80 speaker performance w/audience on observation deck, 2011

Catherine Sullivan with Sean Griffin: Triangle of Need, The Chittendens & D-Pattern 
Michael J. Schumacher, Room Pieces Troy
Celeste Boursier-Mouganot, Untitled and Index v.4
Volkmar Klien, Relative Realities


Filament (co-curated biennial festival), October 2010

So Percussion | Dirty Projectors, January 2007
Flux Quartet, February 2007
Natasha Barrett: electronic music, May 2007
Between a Rock and a Tiny Bell Mini-festival w/Han Bennink+Peter Brötzmann, Blarvuster, ZS, Health, Black Moth Super Rainbow, April 2008
EMPAC’s Opening
Inaugural Concert (Albany Symphony, VOX Vocal Ensemble, International Contemporary Ensemble) October 2008
Cecil Taylor Poetry Reading
Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Workshop
Cecil Taylor and Pauline Oliveros solos and duet concert
Gamelan Galak Tika and Ensemble Robot
Per Tengstrand solo concert
OPEN LATE: Madlib (dj), Juiceboxxx (rapper), J.Rocc (dj)
Robert Normandeau 32-channel electronic music concert
FIELDWORK (Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer, Tyshawn Sorey)
Arraymusic, November 2008
Zeroth Channel: Music of Hans Tutschku and Iannis Xenakis
Quicksilver: Sile Moderno: New music from the 17th Century 
Zeroth Channel II: Doug Henderson, Seth Cluett, Natasha Barrett 
Unfiction on Safari: Olaf Breuning, Coco Fusco + Guillermo Gomez-Peña + Bela Fleck screening 
Realization of Alvin Lucier’s Music for Solo Performer, September 2009
Daniel Teige and Volkmar Klien, October 2009
Garth Knox, November 2009
OpenEnded Group, March 2010
Signal: Helmut Lachenmann, March 2010
Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Febuary 2011
Earbrains: Sonic Research Underground

Lectures / Screenings / One-off Events
Anthony Braxton 12(+1)tet: Ghost Trance Music, October 2007
Slavoj Žižek: Perverts Guide to Cinema, January 2008
Jonathan Berger: Data Speaks. Are you listening? March 2008
Election 08: Take Me to Your Leader, November 2008 
In a Glass Hour: Alfred Crosby lecture, November 2008
Unfiction: Our Daily Bread screening, December 2008
Sean Griffin: Hitting Things, Saying Things January 2009
Bobby McFerrin January 2009
Rafael Toral, May 2009
Contact Ensemble, September 2009
Boredoms + Deerhunter, September 2009
Per Tengstrand, October 2009
Art21 preview, October 2009
ZS + Little Women, October 2009
Marc Downie: The Secret World of Making Art by Writing Code, November 2009
Marc Downie: FIELD Workshop November 2009
Prefuse73, Skeleton$, Luciano Chessa November 2009
Unfiction: Examined Life screening, November 2009
Extra Life + Dan Deacon, February 2010
Frederick Rzweski, March 2010
Josephine Foster, April 2010
Steve Lehman Octet, May 2010
Georg Frederich Haas – Argento Chamber Ensemble – , November 2010 
Jaroslaw Kapuschinski

Residencies/Commissions resulting in performances or publication
OpenEnded Group
Maryanne Amacher
Yvon Bonenfant
Sean Griffin: Hitting Things, Saying Things and Cold Spring
Daniel Teige:
Volkmar Klien
SIGNAL + Jack Quartet w/ Brad Lubman
FLUX Quartet
Hans Tutschku
Bruce Odland and Sam Aunger
Helmut Lachenmann
Luciano Chessa with Keith Cary (collaboration with Performa NYC)
National Theater of the United States of America
Argento Chamber Ensemble
Francisco Lopez
Talea Ensemble (music of Romitelli)
Pauline Oliveros and Cecil Taylor (solo improvisation, duo improvisation, poetry reading)